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Almost all our products are handcrafted from native New Zealand timber, primarily beech and rimu.

The timber cuts are sustainably sourced throughout the South Island, from Christchurch and local suppliers on the West Coast. None of our wood supply is sourced from mills, only from windblown trees – no trees are cut down to make our products.

When it comes to our furniture items, we can craft pieces from any type of wood, including exotics and popular timber like American Ash hardwood. Our workshop can custom make any design to your unique specifications.

Do you have specific requirements or an idea for furniture that you have been unable to find anywhere else? Contact us and let’s work together to create a unique piece for your home or personal space.

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Rimu is one of the most well known and popular of our native timbers in New Zealand. The timber is a familiar sight in old character homes where it was used extensively as both finishing and structural components. Rimu is favoured not only for its stunningly beautiful finish and rich dark hues, but also as a highly adaptable timber.

Rimu timber has a stunning and distinctive appearance with irregular streaks of rich dark red, yellow and brown tones. It is a challenging grain to work with yet one of the most rewarding


New Zealand native beech is a fast growing and sustainable wood source for many sectors throughout New Zealand. As the reliable supply of rimu slowly declines, beech is moving forward to become the timber of choice and supply is in abundance, currently far outweighing demand.

Natural beech forests can be found thriving in mountainous regions that are not suitable for agriculture and as a result remain as one of the largest indigenous forests in all of NZ.

The colour of silver beech varies with the age of the tree and the location where it was grown, with a distinctive light pink to red colouring in a stunning array of depths and hues.

Even though each of our products are made by hand batch by batch, there may be some similarities with products made from the same batch, but no two items will ever look the same. They are each 100% unique and original.

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