About Lynch Wood Creations

Lynch Wood Creations is a small family owned and operated business

With workshops in both Mid Canterbury and the West Coast of the South Island, New Zealand. All our products are handcrafted to perfection, bridging the gap between high end home decor and custom-made furniture, crafted to stand the test of time.

We can offer highly customised furniture designs and all our products, including the board ranges, can all be tailored to your specifications. In dedicated support of preserving our precious NZ native forests, we only use timber that has been procured sustainably and ethically – windblown and salvaged timber.

Our Story

Lynch Wood Creations was founded from the passion Shaun Lynch has for working with wood and natural materials.

Shaun always had an interest in woodwork at school and had looked at making boards and furniture. But he knew he needed more knowledge so went to work at Doyleston at Leech Wood products. While working at Doyleston Shaun worked on boards with his Dad in his spare time, practicing and perfecting the process and creating new lines of products. 


While gathering inspiration from many sources, he soon discovered that he had stumbled onto a wonderfully rewarding hobby. Experimenting with different designs and wood, he started to make what has now become Lynch Wood Creations most iconic two-tone chequered chopping boards.

It didn’t take long for his distinctive boards to gather serious interest and a potential business was born. Together through trial and error, they have refined the process, tested different products and finishes while gathering feedback. And by 2019 the range had grown to include what is now a wildly popular version of his original chopping boards, cheese boards, platters, custom made furniture and more.

Where We Are Today

South Island Keepsakes

Lynch Wood Creations has expanded to include workshops in two locations as well as a few extra pair of hands. Shaun now also works with local artisans to produce custom made table legs and personalised laser engraving for our products – a list of which continues to grow.

Today Shaun still works with simple machinery to produce each piece by hand. Each item is a true labour of love, crafted the old-fashioned way, creating special keepsake items that families will continue to enjoy for many years to come.

Our Products

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